Scrappy Four Patch Heart Quilt – Happy Valentine’s Day 2014

In celebration of Valentine’s Day 2014 – Available in 5 sizes:

This is a repost of a pattern from 2011.

Pictured is the baby quilt size.

Click HERE to Download Free Scrappy Four Patch Heart Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Doll Quilt – 22” by 22” (56cm by 56cm)

Baby Quilt – 49” by 49” (125cm by 125cm)

Comfort Quilt – 76” by 76” (193cm by 193cm)

Twin Quilt – 76” by 89.5” (193cm by 228cm)

Full/Queen Quilt – 89.5” by 89.5” (228cm by 228cm)

Individual Heart Block – 5” unfinished, 4.5” finished

Scrappy Four Patch Heart Block – 9.5” unfinished, 9” finished

Made for my Granddaughter’s Third Birthday – February 24

This one  is a twin size for her big girl bed.  The backing is made of red Minkie and is very snuggly.  I  made the background from scrappy lights.


Scrappy Four Patch Heart Block

The heart background fabric is the oldest fabric in my stash (11 years old).  I knew I would be able to use it someday!!

Heart Block Pattern – 9″ finished (9.5″ unfinished)

Click HERE to Download Scrappy Four Patch Heart Block Free Pattern (.pdf)


Click HERE to see a picture of Tina’s block on her Blog – The Barking Hen

Mystery Photos Available for Viewing and More


Photos are available at the top of my blog in 

Photos – 2013 Quilted in Honor Mystery


Helpful Links

Quilted in Honor Gift Card Quilt Challenge Information


Operation Homefront

Operation Homefront is hoping for Gift Card Quilt donations whether they are entered in the challenge or not.

They want to help military families with a goal of 2500 of these quilts for the holidays in 2014.

Contact the nearest operation homefront office to find out where you can send your donation.


Option #1:  Download the Mystery in 3 Documents

Because there were two separate sets of instructions there are two .pdf files.

Clue #9 for Gift Pocket instruction is NOT included in either of these files.

It needs to be downloaded separately.

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clues for Quilt with the Red Border – 18 pages

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clues for Quilt with Blue in the Border – 18 pages

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #9 Gift Card Pockets – 7 pages

Option #2:  Download each document individually

Click HERE to Download Fabric Requirements, Pre-Mystery Cutting Directions, Pre-Mystery Sewing Directions (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #1 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #2 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #3 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #4 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #5 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #6 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #7 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #8 (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download Mystery Clue #9 (.pdf)

I am very much interested in receiving photos of your quilts.  This last clue has a photo of my quilt with Gift Card Pockets.

Thanks to all who are participating or will use this pattern to make a quilt in the future.


Delectable Bargello – A Bargello Quilt Made From Half Square Triangles

One Quilt Size –  Twin Quilt – 74″ by 92″ (188 cm by 234 cm)

 Click HERE to download Delectable Bargello Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

This quilt was made with fabric purchased in 2010 in Paducah, KY.

DH and I went there and enjoyed every quilty minute.

I found a fabulous sale on Kona solids (remnants) at Hancocks of Paducah.

I bought it all.

I had a very interesting selection of fabric colors to work with.

That fabric inspired me to create a quilt to remember my fun visit.

I quilted it on my domestic machine.  I stitched in the ditch along the lines of the bargello pattern.

I am giving it to my son for his birthday.


Delectable Stars Quilt Pattern – Stars are Made from Half Square Triangles

Two Quilt Sizes –  Comfort Quilt (60″ by 60″)  and Full Quilt (90″ by 90″)

Blocks are 18.5″ unfinished

Made for display at my quilt guild annual quilt show.

I also did all the quilting on my domestic machine.

I like the Delectable Mountains pattern using cut up half square triangles and found another way to use the half square triangles.

Delectable Stars Quilt Pattern – Click HERE to download free pattern (.pdf)

Jelly Roll Posies for Baby

59” by 59” (152 cm by 152 cm)

Made for Gracie.

 Instead of making lots of tiny, setting triangles I use squares.  Then I do the quilting.  When the quilting is done I trim the squares into triangles and then do the binding.

Click HERE to Download Jelly Roll Posies for Baby Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Scrappy Spring Tulips

Click HERE to Download Scrappy Spring Tulips free scrap quilt pattern (.pdf)

Available in two sizes – Lap/Twin 69″ by 69″ and Full 87″ by 87″.

The tulip blocks are 16″ finished.

I made the quilt on the left to be used in a benefit for a family in need.  I made the quilt on the right for my friend, Marie’s, mother.

Click Here if you would like to use this quilt as a MYSTERY QUILT

To see photos of other quilts made with this pattern please click the link below.

Given to CharityMade for my good friend Marie's mother

Plaid for Dad – Happy Father’s Day – Made with golf themed fabric (also a good Military Quilt Pattern)

Available in 2 sizes:  Comfort Quilt – 60″ by 72″ (152cm by 183cm) and Full/Twin Quilt – 84″ by 84″ (214cm by 214cm)

Click HERE to Download Plaid for Dad free quilt pattern (.pdf)

60th Birthday Present for DH – Front and back of the quilt.

Here is a beautiful red and black Plaid for Dad.

This was made by Helen O’Neill of Downeyville, Ontario, Canada for her son, Daniel.

She did a terrific job on the quilt.

Daniel sent me a wonderful email and photos of the quilt which he obviously loves.  Thanks for sharing.

Help Bill and Marie Choose Their Wedding Quilt – Poll Ended – Marie is the Winner 155, Bill has 150

Marie likes green.. hence the green quilts.

I will use a scrappy green color palette in the quilt.

The background will be scrappy neutral colors.

Marie likes Quilt #1 and Bill likes Quilt #2.

They will be getting married in June so I need to get going on the quilt top soon.

Fortunately Marie is a longarm quilter and I am not so she will get to quilt her own wedding quilt.

I will be creating a pattern for their quilt as I am making the quilt top.


Quilt #1

Quilt #2

Updating a 30 Year Old Baby Quilt

Coco’s Baby Quilt – 50″ by 58″

Click HERE to download free baby quilt pattern (.pdf)

My friend, Melissa Erickson, had a treasured 30 year old baby quilt.  She took it with her to college and to Europe when she went to play professional basketball abroad.  Melissa’s quilt was made for her by her godmother.

She was recently asked to be baby Coco’s godmother and decided to pass her baby quilt to her new godchild.  She called me and asked if I would update her baby quilt for Coco.  Coco is the daughter of one of her dear friends.

Melissa’s quilt was made from squares of a synthetic fabric, probably polyester.  The white squares were made of brushed nylon and these were the only parts that were too worn to be used in the new quilt.   The quilt was in amazing condition considering all the love it had received over 30 years.

I took Melissa’s quilt apart.  When I sewed it back together I added some squares of Hawaiian fabrics to the pastel colored squares from the original quilt.  When I made the border I alternated squares of flannel backed satin (available at Joann’s) with squares of Hawaiian fabrics.  I used a cuddle fabric (similar to Minkie) for the quilt back.  The original quilt had been sewn together with a cotton/poly blend thread that lasted in perfect condition.  I may rethink using cotton thread in future quilts.  Of course I have thousands of yards of cotton thread which I will use up first.

I hope the new quilt will last another 30 years.

I knew Melissa would miss her baby quilt.  I took the backing for her quilt, added the same backing I had used on Coco’s quilt and a Hawaiian fabric binding so she could have at least part of her original quilt back to love.

In 2008 I made another quilt for Melissa.  You can check out the pattern here.

Melissa’s 30 Year Old Baby Quilt

Coco’s Baby Quilt

Melissa’s New/Old Quilt

Hearts and Butterflies for Valentines’s Day

Click HERE to Download Hearts and Butterflies Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

The block is 24″.  The pieced border adds another 6 inches (3 inches on each side).

One Block – Doll Quilt or Small Baby Quilt – 30″ by 30″

Two Blocks – Table Runner – 30″ by 54″

Six Blocks – Comfort Quilt – 54″ by 78″

Charmed Dutch Nine Patch Quilt

Available in Three Sizes

Lap/Baby Quilt – 41″ by 41″,  Twin – 68″ by 95″,  Full/Queen – 95″ by 95″

Scrappy and Non-Scrappy Options.  Great for Charm Packs

This quilt was donated to a cancer fund raiser.

It is backed in fleece and is very warm and cuddly.

Click HERE to Download Charmed Dutch Nine Patch free quilt pattern (.pdf)

Military Nine Patch (also for kids)

Click here to download Military Nine Patch free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Option A available in two sizes – Comfort – 61″ by 77″, Twin – 77″ by 93″

Option B available in two sizes – Comfort – 59″ by 74″, Twin – 74″ by 89″

This pattern was originally written by Valerie Davidson, one of my online quilting friends, in 2007.  She has given me permission to publish her design and rewrite the pattern and share her quilt photo.  The quilt in Option A is Valerie’s quilt.  When I made the quilt (Option B) I modified it to add a simple, pieced border.  The blocks are scrappy and came from a group swap.

The photo below is a quilt made by Wayne Rhodes.

You can check out his blog and see many more gorgeous quilts.

Thanks for sharing Wayne.


Quilt Made From Wizard of Oz Fabric

Queen Size – 100″ by 100″

Full Size – 84″ by 84″ and Comfort Quilt – 64″ by 64″ added 8/24/2011

Made for my friend Jean with some of her Wizard of Oz fabric stash.

Quilted by Becky Marshall in Snohomish,  WA

Becky did an awesome job quilting Wizard of Oz motifs, characters and dialogue.

Click HERE to Download Free Pattern (.pdf)

Maple Leaf Quilt from France – Beautiful!

Pom is wonderfully artistic and has much to share.

Her maple leaf quilt is entirely hand done.. hand cut, hand pieced and hand quilted.

I fell in love with it when I saw it.

She designed her pattern by hand drafting it.

On her blog Pom suggested we draft our own maple leaves so I decided to give it a try with my Quilt Pro 6 software

Available in one size – 73.5″ by 73.5″   187cm x 187 cm



Click HERE to download Maple Leaf  Quilt from France pattern (.pdf)


How I Taught My Grandchildren to Quilt – Tips and a Pattern

A fun pattern and tips to introduce a child to quilting.

I helped two of my grandchildren – ages 6 and 8 – to make this quilt.

Here is how we did it.

This quilt and experience are child tested and grandmother approved.

Child Size – 58″ x 70″   (148 cm x 178 cm)

Click Here to Download Free Kids Can Quilt Pattern and Tips (.pdf)

My New Hawaiian Fabric – Enjoy

DH and I just returned from a two week vacation on the big island and Kauai.

I strongly recommend the Kimura General Store in Kona for great fabric.

In Kauai the Kapaia Stitchery is absolutely divine.

Needless to say I overindulged and came home with a big smile on my face.

Hawaiian fabrics are my absolute favorite fabrics, especially since I go to Hawaii to buy them.

How I Restored My Son’s Quilt

Click HERE to Download the Details of How I Restored My Son’s Quilt (.pdf)

This is one of the first quilts I made when I started quilting in 2000.

It is made from my first pattern.

It is handquilted..

 I was extremely happy that the quilt was so well-used that it needed to be restored.

 The quilt received a new backing, binding, 2.5″ strip on the top perimeter.

 I tied the quilt.

 Sewed the original label back on plus a new label.

The quilt measures 84″ by 96″.

Scrap Happy Heart Quilt

Available in (4) sizes

Baby Quilt – 46” by 46” (117cm by 117cm)

Comfort Quilt – 60” by 74” (153cm by 188cm)

Twin Quilt – 74” by 88” (188cm by 224cm)

Full Quilt – 88” by 88” (224cm by 224cm)

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Heart Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Scrap Happy Heart Block and Doll Quilt Pattern

Scrap Happy Block – 12″   (12.5″ unfinished).

Scrap Happy Doll Quilt – 20″ square (20.5″ unfinished)

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Heart Block and Doll Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Option A with 2.5″ scraps

Martha Kopec block.  Thanks for sharing.

scrappy heart Block Martha Kopec

Option B (Displayed in a Doll Quilt) – uses 4.5″ squares

Scrap Happy Nine Patch

Using up some of my 2.5″ squares.

74” by 90” (188 cm by 229 cm)

It has now gone on to its owner.  My friend, Marie Chestnut, quilted it.  We are giving it to a friend who is starting chemo.

It is backed in flannel.

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Graduation Block

Graduation Block – 14″ finished (14.5″ unfinished)

Made for Joanna!

Click HERE to Download Graduation Block free pattern (.pdf)

Here is the quilt.

The quilt pattern and the  quilt are both in process right now and will be available later this spring.  The blocks are pieced and sewn together.  Still working on the pattern and the borders.

Happy String Flowers for Baby

Baby Quilt or Lap Quilt – 43″ by 50″  – (109 cm by 127 cm)

This quilt was originally presented as a mystery quilt in 2009.

I converted it to a pattern so it can be downloaded in one document.

This quilt top was made by Betty Cruikshank.

Click HERE to Download Happy String Flowers for Baby (.pdf)

Flowers in My Windows

Full Quilt – 98” by 98”, Twin Quilt – 77” by 98”,  Comfort Quilt – 77” by 77”

Metric – Full Quilt – 249 cm by 249 cm, Twin Quilt – 195.5 cm by 249 cm,

Comfort Quilt – 195.5 cm by 195.5 cm

This is a good pattern for Charm Packs.

This quilt was originally presented as a Mystery Quilt in 2010.

I donated this quilt to a cancer charity auction.

For those interested in the Water Lily fabric.

Flower of the Month Club – July – Water Lily #2824 by Ro Gregg for

Click HERE to Download Free Pattern (.pdf)

Here is a photo of a quilt made by Betty C.  Thanks for sharing.

Baby Windows

This quilt is available in one size:

Baby Quilt – 42” by 42”

Metric – 108 cm by 108 cm

These three quilts were made for my two granddaughters and the son of a friend.

The quilt was a mystery quilt pattern in 2010.

This quilt is now available as a pattern in one document.

Click HERE to Download Baby Windows free pattern (.pdf



Here is  a photo of a delightful quilt made by Betty C.



Happy String Flowers

Available in one size for a Comfort Quilt – 62″ by 74″ (158cm by 188cm)

This quilt was a mystery quilt in 2009.

Mystery quilt clues are no longer available.

I donated the quilt to a cancer charity auction.

It is now available as a pattern in one document.

Click HERE to Download Happy String Flowers (.pdf)

Lovie Quilt with Tags

Available in one size – 11″ – 12″ square

This quilt is designed for babies to take with them and love.

The different textures of the tags and the fabric on the top and bottom of this little quilt are designed

to help develop their sense of touch and also to give them something soft and comforting to have with them.

Click HERE to Download Lovie Quilt with Tags Free Pattern

Hugs and Kisses for Baby

Available in 1 size – Baby Quilt – 52″ by 52″

Celebrating the one year anniversary of my blog with a quilt for my granddaughter due next March.

Made with Hawaiian fabrics.

The Kisses are in cool colors and the Hugs are in warm colors.

Great pattern for Fat Quarters, Fat Eights and/or 5″ Charm Packs.

Click here to download Hugs and Kisses for Baby free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

A Star on My Square

Free Block Pattern – 12″ by 12″  Finished

Free Doll Quilt Pattern – 16.5″ by 16.5″  Finished

I needed a star block for a couple of friends who are making lovequilts.

I also needed the doll quilt for a Christmas charity project for my quild.  Others refurbish dolls and make clothes.  They are given to children in homeless shelters.

Click HERE to download free Star on my Square Block and Doll Quilt Pattern (.pdf file)

MelDoll Quilt

Glorious Fall Colors

Available in one size – Queen/King – 102″ by 102″

Made for my friend Cathy with her fabric – Leaf Symphony Collection by Clothworks

Click here to download Glorious Fall Colors Free Quilt Pattern(.pdf file) GloriousFallColorsDrawing

Ocean Waves

Available in three sizes – Twin –72″ by 90″,  Full – 84″ by 90″,  Queen – 100″ by 100″

Directions included to make it a scrap quilt or a 2-Color quilt.

My friend is currently finishing up a wedding quilt in red and white using this pattern.

I will have a photo of her quilt to share very soon.  /Cindy

Click here to download Ocean Waves Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf file)

HawaiianWavesFullOcean Waves from Mary k

Hawaiian Waves for Baby

Available in one size – Baby Quilt or Lap Quilt – 52″ by 52″

This quilt is a gift for my granddaughter.  I love how the center design of the quilt forms an “O” for Olivia.

Click here to download Hawaiian Waves for Baby free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Scrappy Fall Leaves

Scrappy Fall Leaves free scrap quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Available in three sizes – Lap – 65″ by 65″,  Twin – 74″ by 92″,  Full/Queen – 92″ by 92″

Donated to Habitat for Humanity in Detroit, Michigan for a fund raising event.

To see photos of other quilts made with this pattern please click the link below.

Sister’s Choice-Scrappy and Bright

Available in one size – Comfort Quilt – 69″ by 69″

This quilt was designed with the help of my blog visitors.   You chose the blocks and the borders through participating in polls.   I like the results.

Since I could barely think up one name I decided to just name it the one name.   Quilt names are not my strength.

I gave this quilt to a good friend.

Click here to download Sister’s Choice-Scrappy and Bright free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Hawaiian Heart Block Pattern

Click here to download Hawaiian Heart Block free quilt block pattern (.pdf file)

Available size – 12″ by 12″ (12.5″ unfinished)

Made for my friend, Tracy.   It is a contribution to a quilt Tracey is making to cheer up a friend who is suffering right now.

The fabric was purchased in Hawaii while on vacation with my husband in 2009.

Hawaii Heart

How to Make Lots of HSTs – My First TIP!

Click Here to Download Tip to Make Lots of HSTs  (Half Square Triangles)


I am currently preparing patterns for several quilts that require a significant number of HSTs.

Here is a document that will help you make a significant number of HSTs from yardage.

I have a few, random HSTs left over from other projects but not enough for any of these projects I am working on.

Here is the strategy I developed for creating the number of HSTs I need.

You can use these ideas to make lots of HSTs in the same color combination and/or to make scrappy HSTs.

Sentimental Scraps

Available in five sizes – Baby – 46″ by 54″,   Lap – 70″ by 70″,  Twin – 78″  by 94″,  Full/Queen – 94″ by 94″, King – 110″ by 110″

Click here to download Sentimental Scraps free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Melissa Erickson Quilt

Available in one size – Twin/Full – 76″ by 88″

If you ever need some uplifting and joy in your life you can get it from Melissa.    She is a 30 yo ex-Univ. of Washington and professional basketball player who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS).

I made her the quilt last year with help from my friends who donated fabric and helped with the sewing, quilting and label.  These great friends are Kaylin Francis, Marie Chestnut and Michelle Brown.  The fabric was donated by the Washington State Internet Quilters.    She loves sharing her quilt with her kittie, Tommie (a girl).

To read more about Melissa you can check out her awesome blog.   I am sure she would enjoy some visitors and comments.

Click here to download the Melissa Erickson free quilt pattern (.pdf file)


Coffee from Seattle

Donated to the Bushfire Quilt Project

Quilt designed and created by my friend, Jeanne Butler.

She has graciously allowed me to make a pattern from her design and share it with the rest of you.

Jeanne made the quilt from my fabric as part of a group swap and I love it.   She added the striped fabric which was a perfect design touch.

My fabric was a collection of fat quarters with a coffee theme.

Click here to download Coffee from Seattle free fat quarter quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Available in one size – Comfort Quilt – 68″ by 68″.


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Birthday Borders

Free border and sashing pattern.

The blocks were gifts from my friends for my 60th Birthday!

Click here to download Birthday Borders free border  pattern (.pdf file)

Birthday Borders is presented in two sizes:  12 Block Quilt  (Twin) – 69” by 84”,  all blocks are 12” (12.5” unfinished)
20 Block Quilt (Full) – 84” by 99”, all blocks are 12” (12.5” unfinished)