Liberated Piecing Mystery – All Clues in One Post – Plus Photos


Original Pattern by Colin Brandi
Mystery Quilt Pattern by Cindy Carter

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Please send photos of your finished tops.  It is fun to see everyone else’s quilts.

I always like to include where you live –  This can be your city or state or country.  This is  optional.  I always want to respect your privacy.

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Thanks,  Cindy

Colin Brandi – Designer of the Liberated Piecing Mystery


Colin Brandi –  Liberated Expert – Quilter and Textile Artist

1997 honors degree in Art and Design, University of Central England

Contact Info:

For more detail on some of Colin’s quilts, his quilting and art journey, and his inspirations click on the link below.


In my quest to become a more liberated quilter this year I went in search of a Liberated Expert.

Colin has been liberated since 1989/1990 and was a wonderful find.

A friend of mine discovered his quilt, Snakes and Ladders, and I fell in love with her quilt made from his pattern.

I traveled electronically all the way to the UK.  Across the pond as some say.

I made a “test quilt” and decided it would be a great choice for a mystery quilt.

Colin agreed to allow me to make a mystery pattern using his design and it was a go.

I hope that all who make this quilt enjoy Colin’s design as much as I do.

Here is Colin’s Snakes and Ladders quilt made in 1996 and the original pattern for the mystery quilt.

Snakes and Ladders - 1996

Snakes and Ladders – 1996


Gallery of Colin’s Works




Having Fun with a Simple Block

Recently I saw a photo in Pinterest of a quilt that has stuck in my mind.

It was a scrappy one block quilt.  Each block measured 4″ finished.    Here is a drawing of the block.

If anyone can send me the Pinterest link to this quilt I would be deeply appreciative.

I would like to add that link to this post.

4 in block

Today I decided to play with different ideas using this block and variations of this block.

I am calling it The Simple Block.  I decide my Simple Blocks would be 6″ finished blocks.

6 in block


Here are some quilt ideas that came to mind:


Adding a Granddaughter’s Drawing to a Pillow – Another Inspiration for a 2016 Project

All thoughts, ideas, comments are welcome.

Has anyone had any experience transferring a drawing to fabric?

Here is a picture of me drawn by my 5 year old darling granddaughter Allegra.

Text on the drawing.. All sounded out and written by a 5 year old.. no help from a grownup.

Allegra For You Gramu Cibi (Grandma Cindy)

The pitshr (picture) is you standin (standing).



2016 – A Year of New Inspirations for Me

 During 2016 I will be trying out different ideas from other quilters just to feed my own creativity and get new ideas.

I will also be doing my own quilt patterns and mystery quilt patterns during the year.  I usually do a mystery quilt in February and October.

This year I will be doing a mystery in April and October due to other commitments.

My first inspirations for the year come from Freddy Moran and Gwen Marston.

I purchased their book

“Freddy and Gwen Collaborate Again:  Freewheeling Twists on Traditional Quilt Designs”

and fell in love with their ideas.

Especially the idea of LIBERATED QUILTING.

Gwen has written several other books on LIBERATED QUILTING ideas.

Here are my first ventures.

A Liberated Strips Halloween Quilt for Jake. (Fabric gifted to me by Clothworks.)  Based on a quilt done for Freddy’s husband.



A Liberated Frog House Quilt for David.



A Liberated Log Cabin Elephants quilt for Hannah.


2015 Fall Mystery – All Clues Available HERE and VIEW Mystery Quilt Photos

Fall Leaves by Pam Link

To See Photos – Click on Tab at the top of the blog that says

Photos – 2015 Fall Mystery

Please email me photos of your mystery quilt top and I will post it also.

I like to respect everyone’s privacy so I will post your photos with your first name and your location which can be city or state or country.

Thanks to all of you who participated.  This includes those who sewed as well as those who enjoyed viewing the photos.  Cindy


You can download all clues combined into one document.

 Click HERE to Download All Clues in One Document


OR You can download each clue individually:

Click HERE to Download Fabric Requirements and Cutting Directions

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Click HERE to Download Clue #1

Click HERE to Download Clue #2

Click HERE to Download Clue #3

Click HERE to Download Clue #4

Click HERE to Download Clue #5

Click HERE to Download Clue #6

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Sharing Quilt Photos Sent to Me by You Quilters Who Have Used My Patterns

I have been remiss in posting photos that several of you have shared with me.  I deeply apologize for this.  If you are interested in downloading the pattern for any of these quilts you can CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO DOWNLOAD THE PATTERN.

Here they are for all to enjoy.

Here is a wonderful wedding quilt from Fred.  He made a KING SIZE wedding quilt for some newlywed friends.  They chose the fabric.  He used my Plaid for Dad pattern.  What a fabulous undertaking.  The newlyweds are loving their wedding quilt.


Caroline in Spanaway, WA made this gorgeous Two Color Mystery.  She is truly a recycler.  The quilt was made from light weight drapery fabric found at a local thrift store.

Caroline in Spanaway, WA

Here is a Two Color Mystery Quilt from Terri.  The red and yellow look great together.


Joyce S. just responded to me.  I am so happy she got back to me.  Here is her response.

Thanks Joyce.

This is my quilt, a baby size I made for a local charity and donated through my quilt guild. It is backed with fleece and quilted on my home sewing machine.

Unknown Quilter

Pat C. from Walla Walla, WA made this beautiful sea colored 2015 Spring Mystery from some beautiful batik fabrics.  Thanks for sharing.

Pat C Walla Walla

Terry N. made a very beautiful and sweet Scrappy Heart Quilt.

Terry Niedling Heart Quilt

Gerry from Burgundy, France sent in her Delectable Stars.  I love that quilting is so international.  Thanks Gerry.

Gerry from Burgundy France

I love the quilt.

Pat C. from Walla Walla made a top from my Delectable Stars.  The gray background works great with the scrappy brights.

Pat C from Walla Walla

Ina C. made a beautiful Scrappy Four Patch Heart Quilt.  All those cheerful hearts definitely put a smile on my face.

Ina C

2011 Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt

From Diane, Cherese, Margaret and Laurie some stunning quilts in luscious colors.  It is great to see the quilt in both dark and light backgrounds.

Diane Cherese Margaret Laurie

The second photo is from Pat V. who is from the Seattle area.  We are both friends and members of the same quilt guild.. The  Busy Bee Quilters of Snohomish, WA..  I love how the jelly roll colors play against the gray background.

Pat Vetterlein

This is a quilt I made recently for Clothworks to take to Quilt Market.  It is made from their Rosehill line of fabrics.  The quilt pattern is called Shabby Shades by (Bee) in My Bonnet and designed by Lori Holt.

This is not a free pattern.  You can purchase it on ETSY using the following link.

Shabby Shades by Lori Holt (Etsy Shop Link)