2012 FALL MYSTERY QUILT SOLVED – All Clues Available for Download

This pattern was updated with improved cutting directions Oct. 27, 2012


Click HERE to Download ALL CLUES in ONE File (.pdf)


Click HERE to Download Clue 8

Click HERE to Download Clue 7

Click HERE to Download Clue 6

Click HERE to Download Clue 5

Click HERE to Download Clue 4

Click HERE to Download Clue 3

Click HERE to Download Clue 2

Click HERE to download Clue 1

Click HERE to download 2012 Fall Mystery Fabric Requirements and Cutting Directions

I hope you have all enjoyed the mystery as much as I have.


ONE DAY MYSTERY QUILT  on SUNDAY, September 23, 2012

I will be donating mine to charity.  You are all invited to join me for the day.

This is in one size only – 44″ square.
A baby quilt or lap quilt depending on the fabric chosen.

One yard each of two different fabrics with high contrast.

A two color quilt.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or email me at

16 responses to “2012 FALL MYSTERY QUILT SOLVED – All Clues Available for Download

  1. I needed a two fabric quilt pattern for a quilt challenge and this is ideal – hope you do not mind if I make it – loved seeing all the finished quilt photos

  2. Help! I can’t download the mystery directions. None of the links open – it just refreshes the page. Love the pictures, they are fantastic. Can’t wait to start mine.

  3. Oh MY goodness, so sorry for the mistake with your name, but my sentiments are the same. A thousand thanks you’s and please take care of yourself.
    Warm hugs,

  4. Thank you Denise, especially so with the efforts to your injured arm. Hope you get better soon.
    Warm hugs,

  5. My friend & I got together for the day & sewed your mystery quilt. Both our quilts turned out great! It was so much fun and we really like your pattern. Thank you.

  6. Great mystery. I did mine in pink and a purple print. It will be donated to the senior center here that makes quilts for several organizations.
    Thank you.

  7. Beautiful design, Cindy! You are so awesome to do this after the week you have had! I guess I just figured you had already sewed everything together prior to the actual clues. Anyway, great job and I can’t wait to see your photo!

    Big hugs!!

  8. Hi Cndy,
    Terrific Mystery,I usually do not participate but this one is too cute.I’m thinking about continueing with it until it is full size.Thank you so much for sharing. Of course I chose red and white.

  9. Hi, Cindy! Thank you for such a fun mystery! I loved working on the parts and pieces. I did make a couple of mistakes in the cutting but, I know how to fix them and I really like what will be the results!

  10. Mine is done. I did it with baby fabric. It turned out so cute I may have to do another. It will be going to Project Linus.

  11. Thank you for this mystery quilt, just have the last step to do will finish tommorrow,the time is 7:12, time for a little tv

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