Hawaiian Heart Block Pattern

Click here to download Hawaiian Heart Block free quilt block pattern (.pdf file)

Available size – 12″ by 12″ (12.5″ unfinished)

Made for my friend, Tracy.   It is a contribution to a quilt Tracey is making to cheer up a friend who is suffering right now.

The fabric was purchased in Hawaii while on vacation with my husband in 2009.

Hawaii Heart


4 responses to “Hawaiian Heart Block Pattern

  1. love this block but am having issues. Does your measurement include seam allowance. For some reason I can’t get the size right. Either to big or an inch to small

  2. I just found you through my fascination with flickr.com

    Love this block and have also included it on my blogspot. Also, I have started following you on my Google dashboard!

    I am planning on sending an email to a friend in Nashville, TN to check out your patterns also.

    Thank so much — Alice with WonderlandShoppe

  3. Cindy , I am unable to get the link for the HSTS to work in either IE or Google chrome. I have also tried to type in the address and get the message 404- file not found from Word Press.

    I love your freebies and they are a source of many charity quilts here in NV and welcome all your hints! Thanks for all you do for us.

    Sue Banholzer knitnb@sbcglobal.net Northern NV High Dessert

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