Ocean Waves

Available in three sizes – Twin –72″ by 90″,  Full – 84″ by 90″,  Queen – 100″ by 100″

Directions included to make it a scrap quilt or a 2-Color quilt.

My friend is currently finishing up a wedding quilt in red and white using this pattern.

I will have a photo of her quilt to share very soon.  /Cindy

Click here to download Ocean Waves Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf file)

HawaiianWavesFullOcean Waves from Mary k


8 responses to “Ocean Waves

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  2. just found your site – love the Ocean Waves. Have been making HSTs like crazy this weekend, and now I have finally made enough for the scrappy full version. Question for you, though. In the instructions, for step “C” it says to cut 3 9 1/2″ strips and cut into 12 9 1/2″ squares, shouldn’t that be 8 strips , and cut each strip into 4 – 9 1/2″ squares (to end up with 32 squares)? Or, am I missing something here?
    Thanks again for an awesome pattern.

  3. I see that cat eyeing up that wonderful longarm “hamock” you put there just for him (her)! I have to put all kinds of stuff like my white board on mine to ward off trouble…

  4. I was the lucky recipient of a quilt made from the Ocean Waves
    pattern. My quilt looks nothing like the above pattern or quilt.
    My quilt is made of many colors…..but I can’t pick out any of the
    shapes or blocks shown in your design.
    Just wondering why my quilt is so different? I like the two colors,
    red & white, very distinctive & beautiful.

  5. wow again – you are so very generous with your wonderful patterns – thank you so much

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