Flowers in My Windows

Full Quilt – 98” by 98”, Twin Quilt – 77” by 98”,  Comfort Quilt – 77” by 77”

Metric – Full Quilt – 249 cm by 249 cm, Twin Quilt – 195.5 cm by 249 cm,

Comfort Quilt – 195.5 cm by 195.5 cm

This is a good pattern for Charm Packs.

This quilt was originally presented as a Mystery Quilt in 2010.

I donated this quilt to a cancer charity auction.

For those interested in the Water Lily fabric.

Flower of the Month Club – July – Water Lily #2824 by Ro Gregg for

Click HERE to Download Free Pattern (.pdf)

Here is a photo of a quilt made by Betty C.  Thanks for sharing.


6 responses to “Flowers in My Windows

  1. I just scanned across your page and fell in love with’Flowers in My Windows’. To make a KING size do you suggest adding another row or something else. Thank you so much for responding. I think it is beautiful!

  2. omg I love this quilt! I had “borrowed” the picture a long time ago, and kind of tried to model the signature quilt I made for my daughter’s wedding after it. I had no idea there was a free pattern out there – thank you so much!

  3. I just love this quilt and was admiring it while my DGS age 4, was sitting beside me and asked me was I going to make him that. I said do you like that, he said yes, so I said nanny will make you one. He said okay nanny hurry up and go make it, LOL. Kids!!

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