My New Hawaiian Fabric – Enjoy

DH and I just returned from a two week vacation on the big island and Kauai.

I strongly recommend the Kimura General Store in Kona for great fabric.

In Kauai the Kapaia Stitchery is absolutely divine.

Needless to say I overindulged and came home with a big smile on my face.

Hawaiian fabrics are my absolute favorite fabrics, especially since I go to Hawaii to buy them.


18 responses to “My New Hawaiian Fabric – Enjoy

  1. Awesome !!! I love all this fabric, they are so colorful, so happy…!
    Have you use all of them?
    It’s a pity Hawai is so far away from Spain, where I live…

  2. I live in Oahu where do you get your fabrics here? Some of the quilting shops are great but their fabrics are extremely expensive any suggestions. Mahalo

  3. What are you going to make with your Hawaiian fabric?

    I was there in January and brought back a lot, too. Not sure what quilt pattern will look good. Any ideas? Thanks!

  4. I recently went to Kauai and visited the Kapaia Stitchery and came back with beautiful fabric and kits. I have started on one quilt and am itching to get started on one of the kits.

  5. That last comment was from me……..Eileen S, Spokane Valley, WA
    Didn’t mean to be Anonymous!

  6. Cindy! You lucky, lucky girl! It’s been a few years, but I loved Kapaia Stitchery on Kauai too. Such lovely people and so generous with their knowledge. The owner sat down with me and showed me how to do the tradtional needle turn technique for Hawaiian quilting. Of course, I came home with some yummy fabrics too!

  7. Beautiful Fabrics! Are they good quality fabrics? Someday day I hope to get to Hawaii, never been there but I hope to at some point in my life.

  8. Beautiful fabrics I’ve been to both shops in past trips to the Islands. In fact my DH said to a friend, “I never realized how many quilts shops there could be on an islnad and we’ve seen them all.”
    My response was, “No, we have not we haven’t made it to Maui yet.”

  9. Your fabric is beautiful. I was in Hawaii in January and only managed to get to one quilt shop. The people I was with were all non-quilters so I really had to be for that visit. But I did manage to do some power shopping of Hawaiian fabric!

  10. oh I spy more thna one cartoony fish…and possibly turtle? fabrics!! Can’t wait for you to see Reef’s quilt!

  11. I just got back from visiting Maui and I bought some neat fabric including some indigo. I use priority mail to send mine home….works great! What are you going to do with all of these bright, happy fabrics? Thanks for sharing!

  12. Ooooh, what gorgeous fabric! I want the sea turtles! =) I used to live on the Big Island and definitely miss shopping “in person” for Hawaiian fabrics.

  13. Cindy,

    You are so lucky! Those fabrics are beautiful. I use to live on Oahu…of course it was before I was a quilter. But I had lots of dresses made from the fabrics of Hawaii!! Maybe I’ll just have to do a mail order. Thanks for sharing!


  14. I loved that general store in Kona. Couldn’t resist buying when we were there. Haven’t been to Kauai yet, so don’t know that one. There was a really cute one up by the volcano – just outside the Nat’l Park when we were there, but that was a few years ago and I don’t know if there are still there.

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