Wizard of Oz Quilt

Queen Size – 100″ by 100″

Full Size – 84″ by 84″ and Comfort Quilt – 64″ by 64″ added 8/24/2011

Made for my friend Jean with some of her Wizard of Oz fabric stash.

Quilted by Becky Marshall in Snohomish,  WA

Becky did an awesome job quilting Wizard of Oz motifs, characters and dialogue.

Click HERE to Download Free Pattern (.pdf)


4 responses to “Wizard of Oz Quilt

  1. where will I find the material for this great quilt???


    Hi Letha,

    You can Google “Wizard of Oz” fabric and come up with numerous sources for the fabric.

    fabric.com has some as well as other online shops. Folks were selling it on ebay and etsy also.

    Good luck. I think there is still quite a bit of it out there.


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