Plaid for Dad – Happy Father’s Day – Made with golf themed fabric (also a good Military Quilt Pattern)

Available in 2 sizes:  Comfort Quilt – 60″ by 72″ (152cm by 183cm) and Full/Twin Quilt – 84″ by 84″ (214cm by 214cm)

Click HERE to Download Plaid for Dad free quilt pattern (.pdf)

60th Birthday Present for DH – Front and back of the quilt.

Here is a beautiful red and black Plaid for Dad.

This was made by Helen O’Neill of Downeyville, Ontario, Canada for her son, Daniel.

She did a terrific job on the quilt.

Daniel sent me a wonderful email and photos of the quilt which he obviously loves.  Thanks for sharing.

From Fred.  He made a KING SIZED quilt for some newlyweds with fabric of their choosing.  Awesome.



8 responses to “Plaid for Dad – Happy Father’s Day – Made with golf themed fabric (also a good Military Quilt Pattern)

  1. It would be an honor to make this quilt and donate it to “American Hero Quilts” .

  2. My quilting friend’s granddaughter is active military and is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in the autumn. She is a single mom and has a two year old child! I would love for her grandmother and I to put this together for her, with photo transfer fabrics on the back displaying photos of her little girl. I sure hope I win this kit!

  3. hi. love both of them. what a great idea this looks to be easy for me to do and understand. i am just starting out doing quilts. so i need easy ones. can’t wait till i can get very good at it and make the ones that others make so wonderfull. my real father was in the military. i talk to him once in awhile. but it would be nice to give him something like this because what do you get a person you really don’t know and you like to make from the heart to just say thanks for giving when you were young. plus there is a family that are family friends that you somewhat know. she lost a son in the military and she has another one in there. it would be nice to maybe give it to her to have at her house. to say thanks. she does alot of wonderful things for the military and does not blame GOD for anything. she is sad but she is very strong in her faith. thanks for all the work and giving of the patterns. it would be great to do this but if not i can do it sometime i at least have a pattern now to go by. so thank you. angie

  4. I would love to make this. My husband and I have a special “Godson” who would touched to receive this quilt.

    Thanks for all your work and especially your wonderful patterns!


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