Jelly Roll Posies for Baby

59” by 59” (152 cm by 152 cm)

Made for Gracie.

 Instead of making lots of tiny, setting triangles I use squares.  Then I do the quilting.  When the quilting is done I trim the squares into triangles and then do the binding.

Click HERE to Download Jelly Roll Posies for Baby Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)


6 responses to “Jelly Roll Posies for Baby

  1. I Love this quilt. Can you please tell me how many jelly rolls you use for this quilt. I am a beginner quilter and sometime the math and I don’t like each other.

  2. Thank you for providing this pattern for free! I’ve seen a similar flower block but my budget doesn’t allow for a new quilt book right now. I’m planning to use scrappy greens and make a shamrock instead of a posie. I’ll let you know how cute it turns out!

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