Colin Brandi – Designer of the Liberated Piecing Mystery


Colin Brandi –  Liberated Expert – Quilter and Textile Artist

1997 honors degree in Art and Design, University of Central England

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For more detail on some of Colin’s quilts, his quilting and art journey, and his inspirations click on the link below.


In my quest to become a more liberated quilter this year I went in search of a Liberated Expert.

Colin has been liberated since 1989/1990 and was a wonderful find.

A friend of mine discovered his quilt, Snakes and Ladders, and I fell in love with her quilt made from his pattern.

I traveled electronically all the way to the UK.  Across the pond as some say.

I made a “test quilt” and decided it would be a great choice for a mystery quilt.

Colin agreed to allow me to make a mystery pattern using his design and it was a go.

I hope that all who make this quilt enjoy Colin’s design as much as I do.

Here is Colin’s Snakes and Ladders quilt made in 1996 and the original pattern for the mystery quilt.

Snakes and Ladders - 1996

Snakes and Ladders – 1996


Gallery of Colin’s Works