Fiona’s Rainbow Quilt

Made for Fiona, the three year old granddaughter of my good friend Linda.

The photo is from the Bainbridge Island, WA outdoor quilt show September 10.

I am on the left, Linda is on the right.


Since each name would be a different length it is hard to make a pattern.

The pieced alphabet is from A is for Apple,  Alphabet Quilt Along

The designer, Nadra Ridgeway, lives near Frankfurt, Germany.

Her blog is in German.  My browser allowed me to easily translate all the German to English.  An option popped up at the top of my screen asking me if I wanted to translate.

All seams 1/4″.

The sashings and borders were all made using the Simple Block.

The sashings and inner border were all 3.5″.  I made them with 3.5″ square Simple blocks.  (3″ finished sized).

The rainbow in the center is one fabric, not pieced.



The outer border was made of  5″  Simple Blocks .  Finished size 4.5″.


All red blocks are the same size, all orange the same size, etc.



I had to trim a little off of the sides of some of the Simple Blocks to make them fit.  It is okay if everything is not exactly the same size.

My friend, Cathy, and I are making six of these quilts and each quilt has different measurements because of the length of the names.

We also adjusted the length of the quilt to more match the age of the child.  The ages of the recipients range from 1 1/2 years to 24 years.

We adjusted the length of the quilt by adding one more plain inner border.

Fiona’s quilt measures 67″ by 79″.