Photos – 2013 Sweetheart Mystery

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Rene Carpenter, Tucumari NM


Janet L in Tucumari NM Judy A in Tucumari NM Maryanne M in Tucumari NM Regina R in Tucumari NM Rene C in Tucumari NM


Carolyn Sumruld, Tucumari NM

Carolyn S in Tucumari NM


Linda A, Bainbridge Island WA



Cindy Carter, Seattle WA




Joyce in Elko NV

Joyce Elko NV


Misty C. in Parker, Colorado

Misty C Parker Colorado


Florence in Klamath Falls, Oregon

Florence Klamath Falls Ore


Chris W.  in Montague, Massachusetts

Chris W. in Montague MA


Pat in Michigan

Pat in MI


Sherry in Highland, Michigan

Sherry in Highland MI


Mary C. in Parker, Colorado

Mary C.


Christine in Portland, Oregon

Christine in Portland Ore


13 responses to “Photos – 2013 Sweetheart Mystery

  1. Hi Regina, I am having difficulty with my blig software getting the photos uploaded. I will give it another go tomorrow. You are all the best. What a wonderfu group you have. Cindy

  2. The one’s that are shown that had Tucumcari on them were made by Renee Carpenter, Maryanne Martinez, Judy Aragon, Janet Lawrence, Regina Rael who sponsered and coordinated our great day of sewing, and Carolyn Someruld. we are looking to play again so please keep me posted on your patterns and mystery quilt. The quilt top made by Janet Lawrence went to an elderly lady in Nebraska who loves John Deere Tractors and needed some comfort. Judy and Maryannes are being donated to I believe the NMSP to be handed to children in need, my kitty cat quilt is going to my granddaughter and Renee’s is going to be donated to a church function. SEW MUCH FUN!!

  3. Thanks again Cindy. They all are beautiful can not wait to see some others the funnest part is seeing all the different color combos everyone chose 🙂

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