Military Nine Patch (also for kids)

Click here to download Military Nine Patch free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Option A available in two sizes – Comfort – 61″ by 77″, Twin – 77″ by 93″

Option B available in two sizes – Comfort – 59″ by 74″, Twin – 74″ by 89″

This pattern was originally written by Valerie Davidson, one of my online quilting friends, in 2007.  She has given me permission to publish her design and rewrite the pattern and share her quilt photo.  The quilt in Option A is Valerie’s quilt.  When I made the quilt (Option B) I modified it to add a simple, pieced border.  The blocks are scrappy and came from a group swap.

The photo below is a quilt made by Wayne Rhodes.

You can check out his blog and see many more gorgeous quilts.

Thanks for sharing Wayne.


How I Taught My Grandchildren to Quilt – Tips and a Pattern

A fun pattern and tips to introduce a child to quilting.

I helped two of my grandchildren – ages 6 and 8 – to make this quilt.

Here is how we did it.

This quilt and experience are child tested and grandmother approved.

Child Size – 58″ x 70″   (148 cm x 178 cm)

Click Here to Download Free Kids Can Quilt Pattern and Tips (.pdf)

Scrap Happy Heart Quilt

Available in (4) sizes

Baby Quilt – 46” by 46” (117cm by 117cm)

Comfort Quilt – 60” by 74” (153cm by 188cm)

Twin Quilt – 74” by 88” (188cm by 224cm)

Full Quilt – 88” by 88” (224cm by 224cm)

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Heart Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Scrap Happy Heart Block and Doll Quilt Pattern

Scrap Happy Block – 12″   (12.5″ unfinished).

Scrap Happy Doll Quilt – 20″ square (20.5″ unfinished)

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Heart Block and Doll Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Option A with 2.5″ scraps

Martha Kopec block.  Thanks for sharing.

scrappy heart Block Martha Kopec

Option B (Displayed in a Doll Quilt) – uses 4.5″ squares

Scrap Happy Nine Patch

Using up some of my 2.5″ squares.

74” by 90” (188 cm by 229 cm)

It has now gone on to its owner.  My friend, Marie Chestnut, quilted it.  We are giving it to a friend who is starting chemo.

It is backed in flannel.

Click HERE to Download Scrap Happy Nine Patch Free Quilt Pattern (.pdf)

Happy String Flowers for Baby

Baby Quilt or Lap Quilt – 43″ by 50″  – (109 cm by 127 cm)

This quilt was originally presented as a mystery quilt in 2009.

I converted it to a pattern so it can be downloaded in one document.

This quilt top was made by Betty Cruikshank.

Click HERE to Download Happy String Flowers for Baby (.pdf)

Lovie Quilt with Tags

Available in one size – 11″ – 12″ square

This quilt is designed for babies to take with them and love.

The different textures of the tags and the fabric on the top and bottom of this little quilt are designed

to help develop their sense of touch and also to give them something soft and comforting to have with them.

Click HERE to Download Lovie Quilt with Tags Free Pattern