Plaid for Dad – Happy Father’s Day – Made with golf themed fabric (also a good Military Quilt Pattern)

Available in 2 sizes:  Comfort Quilt – 60″ by 72″ (152cm by 183cm) and Full/Twin Quilt – 84″ by 84″ (214cm by 214cm)

Click HERE to Download Plaid for Dad free quilt pattern (.pdf)

60th Birthday Present for DH – Front and back of the quilt.

Here is a beautiful red and black Plaid for Dad.

This was made by Helen O’Neill of Downeyville, Ontario, Canada for her son, Daniel.

She did a terrific job on the quilt.

Daniel sent me a wonderful email and photos of the quilt which he obviously loves.  Thanks for sharing.

From Fred.  He made a KING SIZED quilt for some newlyweds with fabric of their choosing.  Awesome.


Military Nine Patch (also for kids)

Click here to download Military Nine Patch free quilt pattern (.pdf file)

Option A available in two sizes – Comfort – 61″ by 77″, Twin – 77″ by 93″

Option B available in two sizes – Comfort – 59″ by 74″, Twin – 74″ by 89″

This pattern was originally written by Valerie Davidson, one of my online quilting friends, in 2007.  She has given me permission to publish her design and rewrite the pattern and share her quilt photo.  The quilt in Option A is Valerie’s quilt.  When I made the quilt (Option B) I modified it to add a simple, pieced border.  The blocks are scrappy and came from a group swap.

The photo below is a quilt made by Wayne Rhodes.

You can check out his blog and see many more gorgeous quilts.

Thanks for sharing Wayne.


Melissa Erickson Quilt

Available in one size – Twin/Full – 76″ by 88″

If you ever need some uplifting and joy in your life you can get it from Melissa.    She is a 30 yo ex-Univ. of Washington and professional basketball player who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS).

I made her the quilt last year with help from my friends who donated fabric and helped with the sewing, quilting and label.  These great friends are Kaylin Francis, Marie Chestnut and Michelle Brown.  The fabric was donated by the Washington State Internet Quilters.    She loves sharing her quilt with her kittie, Tommie (a girl).

To read more about Melissa you can check out her awesome blog.   I am sure she would enjoy some visitors and comments.

Click here to download the Melissa Erickson free quilt pattern (.pdf file)


Scrappy Squares and Bars

Click HERE to Download Scrappy Squares and Bars free quilt pattern (.pdf)

Available in two sizes – Lap – 54″ by 66″, Full/Queen – 90″ by 90″

To see photos of other quilts made with this pattern please click the link below.

Scrappy Spring Mystery FloralScrappy Spring Mystery RWB


Scrappy Split Rail

Click HERE to Download Scrappy Split Rail free scrap quilt pattern (.pdf)

Available in five sizes – Baby40″ by 52″(12 blocks), Lap – 52″ by 64″(20 blocks), Twin – 76″ by 88″ (42 blocks), Full – 88″ by 88″ (49 blocks), Queen/King – 100″ by 100″ (64 blocks)

I made the quilt in the middle for my friend, Renee, from scraps from her stash.  Our friend, Mary k, quilted it.  I call it “Renee’s Quilty Memories”.  Renee and her family call it “Scraps”.

I made the RWB quilt for PFC Patrick E. Coggins, Jr and Mary k quilted it.   Patrick is the son of a friend.

The baby quilt was donated to Florida tornado victims.

Military Love QuiltRenee's Quilty Memories