Baby Quilt Patterns

Click on the Quilt Photo to DOWNLOAD the Free Pattern


8 responses to “Baby Quilt Patterns

  1. Great ideas for me. I am making LOTS of Quilts for Charity and these scrappy ones will come in handy I’ve got a lot of scraps to use up

  2. Love the bright colors !! I try to fill
    My life with COLOR !! Thank u for
    making me smile !

  3. Love scrap quilts. I am looking for a quilt with cats for my grand whose first word was cat. It doesn’t have to be scrappy but…..

  4. Hi Susan: I wanted to find the pattern for the second quilt, in the second row, on the “baby quilt” page, but it wouldn’t give me the option to open that page. Is it still available? thanks for the amazing blog and everything else on your site. —

  5. Hi Susan,
    I downloaded some of the last mystery clues to see a picture of the baby string flower quilt. It’s really cute and unlike any other mystery quilt pattern I’ve come across.

  6. I tried to find a picture of the baby string flower quilt and it kept sending me back to the mystery thing with the clues and then it said the pattern would be ready after Nov 2009, but I could never see a picture of the quilt or the pattern? what gives?

    ps I am impressed that you have the capability of all those different language translations.


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