2011 Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt

Here are all of the mystery documents including the final clue in one place.

Click on the line with the clue or document name to download the document.

Click HERE to Download Fabric Requirements and Cutting Directions (.pdf)

Click HERE to Download ALL of the Jelly Roll Mystery Clues in ONE Document (.pdf)


Download Each Clue Individually

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #6

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #5

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #4

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #3

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #2

Jelly Roll Mystery Clue #1


17 responses to “2011 Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt

  1. Your mystery inspired me to clean, organize and get rid of all the stacks of stuff in my sewing room to get ready for Sunday morning. I sewed all day, making the quilt out of Moda Blessings jelly roll fabric. I am still working on the border and will send a picture when it is all together. Thanks so much. It was a lot of fun!

  2. What a fun mystery 🙂 I did it w/2 friends on sunday and two of us completed the top w/borders and the 3rd had the center all done and just needed to piece the borders 🙂 I would send a picture of mine but can’t figure out the email addy to send it to 😦

    anyway- thank you!

  3. You have to have the Adobe PDF reader on your computer to open them. You can download the PDF reader from the Adobe website. Just Google Adobe PDF reader for the site.

  4. I couldn’t open any of the clues…or any of the sites on your blog!! HELP!!! I saw the quilt pictures and they look s0 fun!

  5. Thanks so much for this pattern. Mine is done in Saints and football related fabric collected over several years. The dark blocks are done and the lights ready for the last assembly step. The size of the medium quilt should work with a fleece back. No working on it tomorrow, too many errands. Thanks again.

  6. I was keeping up just fine (even tho I started an hour late!), till I got to the borders!! I knew they’d take a while, so I skipped over them & went to the next clue. Everything’s made now, just gotta sew all the blocks together, then the borders on. Whew! I’ve never done a mystery quilt before, but it was lots of fun! I used 6 different colors (mustard, olive, brick red, bright blue, purple & bright green) with a background of cream. Will be very comforting t a child victim!

    Thank you for bringing this pattern to us!! I’ll send you a pic when I get it together!

  7. I have the quilt all sewn together. But I haven’t done the borders yet. I am calling my quilt “Can’t see the forest for the trees”. Although I really like my fabrics and the color combinations the block pattern is sorta lost in them. My fabrics are basically greens and blues so it is like standing in the middle of the woods and seeing blue sky peeking in here and there.

  8. I have saved all the clues but I have to wait until after Christmas to buy my fabric. I am on a limited budget from the time school begins in Aug and Christmas due to partial paychecks.

  9. Have saved all the clues but I have to wait till after Christmas to get my fabric. I am on a limited budget from the time school starts and Christmas due to days out of school and holidays I only have 2 or 3 full paychecks from the time school begins in Aug and Christmas, all other paychecks are partial paychecks missing a day or two out of school.

  10. Cindy, thank you for all your mysteries! Even though I cut my strips, I have not been able to sew this one (life’s gotten in the way!) but have saved the clues. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to it soon.

  11. This has been fun and easy to sew together. I have the middle sections all laid out. My background is green. My color choices are on the dark side. lol. I guess bg doesn’t contrast enough. I haven’t sewn the border squares together yet. I think I will sew the middle sections together first. I was going to change a few of the jellyroll strips to another color but I decided it will be ok.

  12. I only learned of this last night, and had too many commitments for today to participate. I did follow along, and will plan to do it another time. However, that won’t be near as much fun as having done it as a Quilt Along, and a true Mystery!

    With all that being said … will you be doing this again? And how soon do we find out, so we can book it into our schedule? Thank you for creating the pattern and sharing it with all.

  13. love it – love it – love it – thank you, thank you, thank you
    you are so generous with you time and talent

  14. Thank you so much for this fun mystery….I am reorganizing (read as destroying with intent to improve) my sewing space today…when I can find a sewing machine I am going to start (and finish) this darling quilt….thank you for the motivation to complete my organizing project…I can’t wait to see this one….

  15. I have saved all of the clues and cut out all my fabric, but will have to continue later this week. I will post when finished. I think I will really like how my colors will look with this pattern. thank you.

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