Maple Leaf Quilt from France – Beautiful!

Pom is wonderfully artistic and has much to share.

Her maple leaf quilt is entirely hand done.. hand cut, hand pieced and hand quilted.

I fell in love with it when I saw it.

She designed her pattern by hand drafting it.

On her blog Pom suggested we draft our own maple leaves so I decided to give it a try with my Quilt Pro 6 software

Available in one size – 73.5″ by 73.5″   187cm x 187 cm



Click HERE to download Maple Leaf  Quilt from France pattern (.pdf)



8 responses to “Maple Leaf Quilt from France – Beautiful!

  1. I’ve got Maple Leaf Blocks on my brain. Maybe because it is fall. Or maybe because maple leaf blocks are so fun to put together. I particularly love the “small” ones. Thanks for sharing this block with us.

  2. Tried this today without really looking at the measurements ahead of time. If this is sewn with 1/4″ seams there is no way it works. I cut as instructed and pieced as told to and then realized it couldn’t work. I was able to salvage it by cutting off one inch on the solid white rectangle on one long edge. I also couldn’t print out a correct point piece. I was able to draft it myself without issue. May I suggest that when a piece is to be printed that a measurement is shown on at least one straight side so that you will know if it has printed out correctly. The finished block(without the last white triangles) is only 13.5 “. I kept thinking it has to work but when I sat to do the math I realized there was no way it could.
    P.S. – after completing it today I treated myself to ice cream! lol!!!! Please email me if if I have completely blown it here!!! I haven’t given up on this yet. 🙂

  3. I have been searching for a pattern to use all the beautiful fall colored fat quarters I bought on a trip to Amish county , Pennsylvania last year. I think this will be it! I will have to alter your cutting instructions as I have the quarters but I can’t thank you enough!!!!! Thank you for all the posts- it helps!

  4. Would really like to see a picture of Pom’s Maple quilt, if that is possible. Thank you for your quilt pattern, really appreciate it.


  5. Yes it’s a marvellous quilt ! I saw it on Pom ‘s blog ! that is very nice to share it ! Sorry, my english is not perfect !!

  6. Sorry for my english but i’m not speak english very well!!I knows Pom’s blog and I like all what she do!!
    and I’m all right with all what you say here!! And I’m happy to discover your’s site!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing this quilt with us,Cindy. I love maple leaves–maybe because I live on Maple Avenue, with maple trees all around me? Anyway, it’s another great pattern you’ve given us.

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