Help Bill and Marie Choose Their Wedding Quilt – Poll Ended – Marie is the Winner 155, Bill has 150

Marie likes green.. hence the green quilts.

I will use a scrappy green color palette in the quilt.

The background will be scrappy neutral colors.

Marie likes Quilt #1 and Bill likes Quilt #2.

They will be getting married in June so I need to get going on the quilt top soon.

Fortunately Marie is a longarm quilter and I am not so she will get to quilt her own wedding quilt.

I will be creating a pattern for their quilt as I am making the quilt top.


Quilt #1

Quilt #2


11 responses to “Help Bill and Marie Choose Their Wedding Quilt – Poll Ended – Marie is the Winner 155, Bill has 150

  1. While I like each one for different reasons.. I would vote for #2 as I see that as an entwined wedding.. as rings , hugs and kisses.. I like the comprise idea also.


  2. I really like them both, but #1 is my favorite. I think it would be great for a bed, especially if it works out that the majority of the green “insides” fit on top of the bed and the white picket fence part of the blocks drape drop down the sides. (Does that make sence?) I loook forward to seeing the progress and pattern for whichever one you make.

  3. i like #1 the best, to me #2 is tooooo busy. it might be nice #2, but I like the less

    busy one for me. Whatever you choose, they will like it.

  4. My vote is to combine the two if possible… they look like Os(hugs) and Xs (kisses) to
    Compromise is always needed in marriage, why not start out with one…
    Victoria who with DH will be celebrating 48 years this August

  5. How about making both……for a double sided quilt. They can flip it over when the mood strikes them.

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