Melissa Erickson Quilt

Available in one size – Twin/Full – 76″ by 88″

If you ever need some uplifting and joy in your life you can get it from Melissa.    She is a 30 yo ex-Univ. of Washington and professional basketball player who has been diagnosed with Lou Gehrigs disease (ALS).

I made her the quilt last year with help from my friends who donated fabric and helped with the sewing, quilting and label.  These great friends are Kaylin Francis, Marie Chestnut and Michelle Brown.  The fabric was donated by the Washington State Internet Quilters.    She loves sharing her quilt with her kittie, Tommie (a girl).

To read more about Melissa you can check out her awesome blog.   I am sure she would enjoy some visitors and comments.

Click here to download the Melissa Erickson free quilt pattern (.pdf file)



8 responses to “Melissa Erickson Quilt

  1. It IS an amazing quilt that I will always cherish! Tommie says “meowwww” which means, thank you! Cindy and the quilting crew are very loving and kind people…there work reminds me of them daily!


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  3. The detail in this quilt really had my head spinning. Then I read your very clear directions and even I may be able to make it some day.

    Sorry to hear about Melissa’s illness. Glad to hear she is so surrounded with love. Please keep us updated with how she is doing.

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  5. What a gorgeous quilt! I’m sure Melissa and Tommie love having it. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

  6. This is such a wonderful quilt and loving thing to do for a friend. Thanks for sharing another great pattern.

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